JLC-Tech was founded in 2010 with one singular vision: to create unique and useful LED lighting fixtures. The founders of JLC-Tech have more than 30 years of combined experience in the international lighting industry. They are a business dedicated to maximizing the energy saving qualities of LEDs and marrying them to modern, creative and structurally interactive designs.

One of JLC-Tech’s most innovative products, the T-BAR LED Smartlight™, is a prime example of their mission and dedication coming to life. Unique and innovative in concept, the T-BAR LED Smartlight™ demonstrates how high-performance LEDs can be utilized to create lighting fixtures that are easily integrated into the structure of a grid ceiling, either in new construction, or retrofit during renovation.

Manitoba Lighting sources JLC-Tech through our LED lighting line representative, RD Sales, and is purchased through local suppliers including Eecol, Westburne, Gescan, and Choice Supply.