Manitoba Lighting

Is the provincial leader in full-service LED lighting upgrade solutions for commercial & industrial properties.

Our lighting upgrade solutions are tailored to work with your property & business objectives.

We look after every detail of a LED lighting upgrade including: the no-obligation lighting audit, product sourcing, complete installation, and full management of the Manitoba Hydro programs.

Book a no-obligation lighting audit today, and see how your property can benefit from a LED lighting upgrade.

Who We Are

Our team is educated on the latest LED lighting fixtures, upgrade procedures and technologies, and works closely with Manitoba Hydro to keep up-to-date on current rebate programs and incentives.

Our procurement specialists and supply chain network ensure we have access to the best product for our customers, at the best value.

Our team of experienced installers are all journeyman electricians who have demonstrated a superior level of technical understanding.

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Simple Approach

We conduct a lighting audit of your existing space to analyze your current energy consumption. From this, we can prepare a lighting upgrade report outlining your current costs and potential upgrade benefits, and corresponding savings. We then source the appropriate product, coordinate and manage the entire installation, and work directly with Manitoba Hydro to ensure that your upgrade takes full advantage of available Manitoba Hydro rebates and other programs.

Industries We Service

No two businesses are the same; neither are our solutions.
We create custom solutions for all industries, including:

ABC Manitoba Inc.

What kind of savings did ABC Manitoba Inc. realize with an upgrade?


Great work requires great partners. Manitoba Lighting has assisted many customers to shrink their carbon footprint, improve their quality of lighting, decrease their energy consumption and lower their monthly utility expenses.